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Methods using in the penis enlargement

The penis enlargement is mainly follows on two steps that are using pills to make the extension and the other method is the penis pumps. The most popular applications in the pennies enlargement are the application of using the pills. These are the common thing follows in the enlargement and such pills are follows on the mineral and herbal products to done the function in the penis enlargement. Those pills are not having the medical evidence to makes the extension so that taking the medical advice in the enlargement function is the better choice. This is mainly follows on the testosterone production in the blood. Testosterone production means developing the male organ in the body. And other well known method in the penis enlargement is penis pumps. But this approach is follows only on the doctor’s advice otherwise it makes the permanent damage in the body.

And surgery is one of the method follows in the penis enlargement those surgeries are classified in to two ways that are penis grit6h surgery and penis length surgery. First describes the penis girth surgery, some surgical techniques that help to increase the penis enlargement to through the penis girth surgery. Penis girth surgery means take the piece of fat from other parts of the body and injecting in to the penis. Some studies may express that the circumference may increase half centimeter with the help of pumps. But also in the surgery have some complications in the girth surgery based on the health. And the other type of surgery is the penis length surgery in this surgery follows to take ligament that attach in to the penis pubic bone and performing the skin graft that would increases the length of the penis.