5 Working Tips for Women to please Partner and to improve the Relationship


The thought of being in a relationship is more than enough for Men, however for women it needs to be effective and they want things to happen every now and then to keep it alive.

A long-term relationship can retain much of the charm of the early days, to achieve this requires creativity, overcome laziness and comfortable routines. 5 Working Tips for Women to please your Partner to improve your Relationship in order to keep the excitement and enthusiasm alive.

#1 Having a life for yourself

When all have experiences that are living in couples , there comes a point where there is nothing new to talk about. Having own friends, individual interests, independent activities of the couple, is convenient for both the individual and the relationship: oxygenates gives talking points, brokers new activities, new friends, in short, enrich everyday life.

#2 Modify routines

Routines prevail because they are comfortable, but can become automatic and thus lose the excitement. Breaking them is easier than you think. You make room for spontaneity, daring to make proposals unusual comfort for change and action. For example, make a sunny day in the week and meet somewhere in the city after work to talk as night falls.

#3. Always be a challenge for your Man(Men get bored when a woman is predictable)

A Psychologist says, one of the fundamental factors of Homo sapiens to be happy is to have a challenge, something that has to achieve. That which is created and managed, loses interest. The concept of unconditional on partner is dangerous and promotes irresponsible attitudes and actions : “You’ll be there, whatever you do.” When both people are clear that they have to “earn” the other day, bring their best and do their best for the relationship to continue.

#4. Caresses Making new release

In touch, lives the instinctive and the rational. The tenderness, solidarity, support, feelings are often expressed more clearly and forcefully with a hug or a handshake, than words. The strokes have a therapeutic effect, reduce stress, relax and create an irreplaceable bond. Their positive effect is both to whoever gives to the receiver. Can wave with the tips of the fingers or the whole hand, with the back or a simple finger play. There are hundreds of ways to explore and express feelings other.

#5. Avoid being the “typical” anything

Free of stereotypes or avoid falling into them is a way to keep the “identity”. ¬†Everyone builds your day and your life your way. It’s easy to do so under the pre-made recipes society but is more enriching and rewarding to do it according to own formula.