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“ALL IS NOT LOST” – How to save your relationship from Break up!


People are what they are, not what we would like them to be. Accept once. Maybe he will not want to attend any therapy, or read that book to you and found it so interesting that you think might help in your relationship, maybe it will not recognize that you have a problem, let alone try a change . probably is not that like, everyone wants to be happy and feel loved. might not know it better, do not think can be done better or is not prepared to make decisions or try to change. “ALL IS NOT LOST” – Here is How to save your relationship from Break up!

#1. If you’re not OK, nothing will.

The dedication and lack of time for work, children, house, discussions, etc. is target. Your attitude towards this fact and everything you think and feel is subjective, and that can intervene from now.

You have to be okay with yourself, calm you, strip you of guilt, be able to recover your emotional independence and lose the fear of being alone with yourself. You have to want to be with him, but no need to be with him. You have to lose the fear of losing it.

#2. Prove that you are on their side, ALWAYS …

You have to progressively move from fear to trust. No “I’ll do this or that to not be angry,” but because “I see him happy compensates and makes me happy too.”

You must restore confidence in the other, trust me you want to be perfect even without / or choose to be with me every day freely and voluntarily, I can keep your love even though we do not agree on everything.

#3. If you are very tense atmosphere on their part or yours … postpone the conversation for another time. Things are not now or ever.
Ex .: “We are now very upset and we could say things that you later to repent, please leave this conversation for later, how about tomorrow after putting the child? Sure am calmer, we see this whole other way. We need not agree immediately, we have time ”

Sometimes if you’re impaired, may be sufficient to control your impulsiveness, how? Disappears for a while from the scene, go to the service, to another room on the street with any excuse, let your adrenaline levels return to normal and select what you want to do, how you want to act.

#4. Lean on what it does do well.
Sometimes we show a significant in assessing what happens to us perceptual bias. It’s as if we could glasses with color crystals and thereafter will turn our whole reality of that same color.


It is not true that everything goes from bad to worse. Think what does work and remind him that he also looks and feels less frustrated and more lively to resolve differences.

Ex .: can be a bad householder, but play a lot with the child. It can be a little glanders but hardworking, you can argue a lot but quereros madly, you can have little money but Laugh a lot together.