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Key aspects to focus in any relationship


Any relationship shall have these Key aspects  that are to be focussed,


Should set financial goals in common. Be sure to discuss and agree on what would be the priorities. If you think you are saving for vacation and the other believes that save to invest will have serious problems.
Spend less than you earn. Use the extra to create a savings fund. Minimize the stress generated by the subjects of money allows you to focus on what’s really important – your relationship.


Encourage your partner to do the things you really enjoy but do not share the same tastes. You do not have to participate in that if you do not like. There is no rule of what to do or not do together.
Be sure to listen to your partner even if you disagree so that at least you can understand their desires. Understanding the position of your partner does not mean you have to agree with her.


Speak for at least 10 minutes each day about their accomplishments, their dreams, hopes, fears and difficulties. These important issues are sometimes lost in the daily challenges of life.
Avoid blaming your partner for the problems in your relationship. Try all your problems as if they contributed. And you know what? It was.


Grip your partner doing something right and recognize it. It’s easy to complain when things are not going well and hope that things always go smoothly. Your recognition and appreciation will be very well received.
Give your partner the best gift that you can give. Listen to (a) with all your attention.