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For more Joy and Happiness moments in Relationships


You must be aware that the closeness you have with your partner can vary hour to hour, day to day and from season to season. People live closer to their partner in the same way as food experience Рtoo much and felt uncomfortable. We all have different abilities. Learn from your experiences. Realize what works and what usually prompts a negative reaction from your partner. Do what works and stop doing what bothers or annoys another.


Ask your partner what you want. Despite what you might believe, your partner can not or should know what you’re thinking. Prompt increases the probability of getting what you want. You must be very specific.
Keep agreements you get to have with your partner. This builds confidence, which is the basis of everything that’s important in your relationship and in your life.

Speak in short sentences, short paragraphs at most instead of pages for a difficult conversation. Your partner only remember the last two sentences you said and forget the beginning of a speech.
Acknowledge your mistakes, even if you do not like the way your partner treats them with you. It is tempting to try to defend yourself when attacked by your partner, but if you do, both lost.


Laugh together. Share jokes, cartoons, movies or anything else that makes you smile and do not forget to remember those funny experiences they lived together. Challenge your partner to resolve a conflict with you with a water gun war 5 mt. or whipping cream 2 mt.


Hire someone to do the tasks they hate to do both, or do them together. Start with the things you never do, perhaps because neither wants to do. Occasionally do a task that you are not expected to do. Surprise your partner when he / she must not prepare food or gardening.


Name the movie you want to watch or the restaurant you want to go before asking your partner preference. This way you avoid angry because your partner will not read your mind.
No you confront your partner. If you think your partner is busy with other things and ignoring you, try to identify the ways in which your you ignore him, and then change your behavior and this usually also make the change. This applies to any behavior you do not like.


They create their own traditions for times and special occasions. They come from different families with different traditions. Choose what is really important for everyone and try to combine their desires to satisfy both.
Try to be receptive (a) to tracks that gives your partner about what you would like to receive as a gift. Pay attention to what he likes and uses this information when shopping.