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Where to go on a first date


• Best leads the initiative yourself, to make sure you’ll be in a place you know and where you feel comfortable. Forget about going to an area or a place where you’ve never been or assume you drive for hours. Do not add more stress than necessary.

• Find a busy place, but also make sure that there is too much noise, small children or any hindrance to the conversation.

• Set the appointment for the day. They can be for breakfast, to share brunch, lunch or a coffee afternoon.

• In principle, ensures that the first date does not last too long. Set a time to look or say you have another engagement afterwards. This way you can easily leave if you do not feel comfortable. But if you appointments with him at night may be more difficult to force the dismissal.

• For your peace and safety, inform a friend or relative of the time and place where you have quoted him. Even ask him to make a missed call at an agreed time, if you need a “bailout.”