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First Time Dating Advice for Women

The first exit is always a bit difficult because first you are alone with the man you probably want to have a romantic relationship . The success or failure of that first day is crucial to have a future meeting.

Surely a few days before you may get questions about how to act, how to dress, what they say and what to avoid doing in your first meeting with that guy that you like. So then we give you 20 keys to the overall success in this appointment .

How to behave

  • First of all keep in mind that your desire to like him should never take to act, to lie or behave different than actually are.
  • You must be nature , yourself, because otherwise he will discover over time your poses or lies.
  • Never forget that honesty is the foundation of every relationship and if your beau does not like you as you are, it is best not to pursue it.
  • Try to make us feel comfortable that man that you like, warm and friendly show yourself with it so that you feel comfortable with you.

What to say and what not

  • It is likely that in the first moments’re somewhat insecure, especially because it is difficult to hide that die for it . A good idea is to tell him you’re a little nervous, that he is aware of this and apologize for any possible ‘blunder’ of you.
  • However, what you must never do is talk about your feelings on your first date, it could scare or take it to get the wrong idea of you.
  • For most men, the physical is not the most important, many seek a woman to talk and share their problems. But this does not make you believe it’s good to tell your family or work worries on that first day.
  • Pay attention and try to strike a balance between talking and listening. For he will be very important to listen and to respect what it tells you.